How Can We Save Net Neutrality? Open Internet

I expect that all of you know about Net Neutrality, If not read it here,

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Recently, FCC repeal Net Neutrality policies of US and some of the countries lost their Net neutrality in the past, which is a disgraceful act,

People are losing their freedom on Internet, this type of decision can impact their lives badly, from small businessman to common man everyone is going to suffer,

So, the question arises why all this is happening? Who is behind all this?

  • Is the Internet Service Provider(ISP), who are trying to make money out of this by dividing the internet into package, or
  • Is there are the internet giants who don’t want any competition in the market, so they can dominate the internet completely or
  • There is someone who we trust the most, who has all the power to control this,(yes, I am pointing toward government) or
  • There is someone who is new in the picture, who is powerful and want to make all new business out of this,

Who so ever is behind this, their intentions are not good, as most of the countries in the world are democratic and the world is heading toward digitalization it is such a disgusting act to abolish internet freedom,

Nowadays people are relying on internet to such an extent that they need internet as the fourth basic need of life,

So What should, we can do to save the internet?

How Can We Save Net Neutrality?

The only thing we can do to save the internet is to be careful, be smart, be attentive to tackle the policies of Internet service provider/ the policies of govt, for example- a few years back, In India when Internet service provider was pressuring govt to repeal net neutrality, at that time few internet giants try to dominate the market by launching some of their so-called free services in which you can access their site for free and you have to pay extra money if you want to access some other websites, for example, = “”(i am not going to tell you much about this, you can google it), this is how some powerful people make their business out of this,

Then TRAI(Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) asked for people opinion and hopefully, people get smart enough to fill the petition in the favor of Net Neutrality and India is able to sustain its internet freedom till now,

So, I request all of you to be smart enough to understand every policy and save the internet,

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How can we help to save Net Neutrality in the US right now?

FCC chairman Ajit Pai proposed the vote that would dismantle the Obama-era rules of net neutrality, which led the whole US to disappointment,

so here are the few things you can do to restore the Internet freedom-

  • Write to Congress and lawmakers- You can write directly to the Congress and lawmaker by filling the petition on these two sites, and
  • Contact the FCC directly – After you’ve written to Congress, you can dial up the FCC and let them know directly that you’re against repealing net neutrality. You can also contact them through their website, or you can call at 888-225-5322. Chairman Pai’s email is
  • Explain others what repealing of net neutrality actually mean – Educate people about this major issue, tell them what repealing of net neutrality actually mean, how it can affect their lives.

So, I request you all people out there to unite together and support net neutrality as much you can.

Read this article to learn more about What is net neutrality? why is it important? Is it going to be dead?

Spread the words as much you can and save Net Neutrality


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