What is GBWhatsApp? Is It Safe To Use? GBWhatsApp Top Review

GBWhatsApp! Uff! I can’t tell you how many emails I am getting nowadays about this App,

Some are asking me about this trending App while some are suggesting me to install this on my device, they are even posting the download link with their email,

Whatever, I am writing this post for all of them,

secondly, I am thankful to all of you for considering me irrespective of your views,

so, let me start

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What is GBWhatsApp?

It is a mod version of Official WhatsApp which has more features than Official Whatsapp or any other types WhatsApp clones,

With this App, you can use two WhatsApp account at the same time on the same device,

The app has been listed several new features to grab the attention of WhatsApp user.

Why Are People Using It?

When it comes to features, GBWhatsApp is far ahead of official Whatsapp, from choosing custom icons to sending 90 pictures at once & from freeze last seen to sending high-quality media file up to 50 MB, GBWhatsApp is more exciting to use,

Due to its enormous features, it is highly appreciated by people.

Is GBWhatsApp Safe To Use?

Before answering this question I wanna tell you something about the previous version of GBWhatsApp, which is ‘, WhatsApp Plus’, It was too a modded App but got banned by the official WhatsApp,

People using WhatsApp Plus are getting banned by the official WhatsApp, but this time the creators are smart enough to keep in mind their last mistake & they came up with the idea of updated version of WhatsApp Plus which is known as GBWhatsApp,

Now back to the question, Is it safe to use?

Maybe, God Knows!

But If you ask me for my personal suggestion, I would always recommend you to use official WhatsApp over GBWhatsApp,

Reason why I am favoring Official WhatsApp over GBWhatsApp

As we all know that Apps which are downloaded from 3rd party is always put your privacy at risk,

This type of Apps get easy access to your gallery, contacts, chats and much more and can put your privacy at stake,

another reason why I am telling you not to download GBWhatsApp is that the app isn’t directly available in the Google Play Store,

This sign clearly indicates that the App is unable to pass the security checks of Google Play Protect, otherwise, there is no reason for such viral app to be not on PlayStore.

Final Words

As I said it earlier, I didn’t feel this App as a genuine App

but still, if you want to install it,

you can use it at your own risk, you can download the latest version of  GBWhatsApp from here,

Be careful,

Hope you guys enjoy this post, share this post with your friends and keep supporting!










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