Earn Free Bitcoin through Zebpay App(STEP by STEP Tutorial)

As we all know, these days Bitcoin is the hottest topic on the internet and gaining searches from all over the world,

So, here we talk about earning free Bitcoin worth INR 100 through Zebpay,

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What is Zebpay?

It is one of the leading platforms to buy and sell bitcoins.,

Zebpay is India’s first bitcoin company to launch the simplest mobile Bitcoin wallet app that enables bitcoin transactions using your mobile number without any risk of losing bitcoins.

Zebpay is giving you opportunity to earn free bitcoin worth INR 100 and many more benefit

How To Earn Free Bitcoin through Zebpay Referral Code?

  • Download the Zebpay app on your Android phone or iPhone through your App store,

You can also download it from the link below,

          Download Zebpay Android app \\ Download Zebpay iOS App

  • After installation of App, simply add name and number for the verification,
  • After verification, click on the top right menu button and select the “free bitcoins” option,

<img src="zebpay.jpg" alt="earn bitcoin through zebpay">

  • Then you will find a place saying “enter promo code”, enter REF97709642 to earn free bitcoin worth INR100

          (Use referral code REF97709642 to earn free bitcoin)

  • You can also find your unique code under ‘Share your referral code’

  • You can also share your referral code with your friends via Email, Facebook, Whatsapp, etc
  • The free bitcoins you have earned will be shown under ‘transactions'(you will get rewarded after your very first buy/sell of bitcoins)




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