How To Hack WhatsApp Using Clonapp Messenger – WhatsApp Hack

Hello friends, today I am introducing you to a new app named ‘Clonapp Messenger’,

img src="WhatsApp hack.png" alt="WhatsApp hack">

It’s a typical hacking app based on WhatsApp hack, by the way, there are so many Apps present in the play store for this purpose,

The developer’s of this App are claiming that this app is used to run same WhatsApp on two different devices, Although we can also use this for hacking purpose,

It works on the same principle of WhatsApp Web,

Follow these step for WhatsApp Hack

  1. Simply install ‘Clonapp Messenger’ from the Play Store on your phone,
  2. then run the app and open the QR code on the ‘Clonapp Messenger,

<img src="Whatsapp hack.png" alt="Whatsapp hack">

3. Now, bring the victim phone for a few seconds and click on the right top three dots and click on the WhatsApp            web button,

4. Now, use WhatsApp web of your friend phone to scan the QR code(in the ‘Clonapp messenger’ of your phone),

5. That’s it now all the WhatsApp chat on their phone automatically load in your phone,

6. Moreover, you can also handle all control over their WhatsApp like send media files, chatting, receive media                  files, share contacts and search chats and contacts.

<img src="whatsapp hack.png" alt="whatsapp hack">


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